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Barry Weir Gives Tips on How to get Along with Park Home Neighbors

Getting along with your neighbors is quintessential to happier living no matter where you live. Barry Weir, park homes expert, knows this is particularly true when living in a mobile home community.

As a successful mobile homes mogul and authority on the Mobile Homes Act of 2013, Barry Weir has tons of experience in the park homes industry and offers some of the best advice for park home living. To help further spread his knowledge of park homes, Barry Weir is here to share some tips on how to improve the relationship between you and your park home neighbors.

Stay Friendly: Being a good neighbor isn’t just about being friendly every once in a while, it requires staying friendly on a regular basis. Don’t just wave and say hi to your neighbor or offer to lend a helping hand when you’re having a good day; try to make a habit of these things and compartmentalize your personal feelings from the goal of maintaining a healthy relationship between yourself the people who live next door to you.

Be Considerate: When it comes to things like pets and noise, it is important to be considerate and remember that your actions affect the people living around you. Pets can be one of the biggest points of contention between neighbors, but as long as your scooping poop, keeping dogs on leashes, putting up/maintaining proper fencing, and/or paying for training if needed, then you’re doing your part as a pet owner and good neighbor.

Before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. outdoor conversations should be kept at a reasonable level, and if you’re planning a party or event that might step outside of these boundaries it is good practice to let your neighbors know in advance. If you have to deal with neighbors being noisy, simply knock on their door and kindly ask them to stop without getting angry.

Be Direct and Prompt: Dealing with conflicts such as noise brings us to our next neighborly tip. When you do have an issue with a neighbor, handle the conflict in person and in a timely manner so that the issue doesn’t drag on or worsen. Handling situations with your neighbor quickly, reasonably, and personably, can help solve problems faster and shows respect for those living near you.

Keep Your Yard Tidy: No one wants to stare at a messy lawn full or eye sores. To be a good neighbor, keep your yard, especially the front yard, tidy and well-maintained. That’s not to say that you have to shell out money for the most expensive landscaping available, but grass should be cut regularly and miscellaneous items or yard waste should be removed in a timely manner.

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