The life of Barry Weir has been anything but boring. The Barry Weir park homes business was extremely successful and Barry Weir has helped many others along the way to a thriving career. His incredible journey has even included a couple of spiritual messages that suggest Barry Weir will one day know the meaning of life.

Barry Weir made his fortune in the park homes industry and many consider Barry Weir a park homes expert. Even since his retirement in 2007, Barry Weir has continued to be a leading authority in the park homes industry because of his vast knowledge on the United Kingdom’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013. The act was implemented April 1, 2014, and to this day, many consult Barry Weir for guidance on its meaning.

When it comes to park homes, Barry Weir is the top source for advice and information. But his amazing life story stretches well beyond Barry Weir the park homes connoisseur. Barry Weir has also served as the guardian angel to a complete stranger. His quick response and bravery helped Barry Weir save a man’s life.

Back in February 2010, Barry Weir and his wide were walking down the beach when it appeared to Barry that off in the distance there was a man in a full black suit frolicking around in the surf. However, it didn’t take Barry Weir very long to realize that this man was not frolicking at all, in fact, he was in distress.

Once Barry Weir realized the man needed help, he sprang into action and called for emergency response. But before medical professionals could even arrive, Barry Weir rushed over because he saw the man lying face down in the surf. Barry’s bravery in that moment and willingness to act saved the man’s life.

“It was just second nature, really,” Barry has said.

And while he’s not a very religious person himself, Barry Weir has also had two separate occasions in his life where he was the recipient of the same spiritual message. As a young teen taking part in a séance with some friends, a Quija board told Barry that he would eventually “understand what life is about.”

Years later Barry Weir decided to check out a spiritual church out of curiosity, and when he had just about had enough and was getting up to leave, the medium pointed at him and proclaimed, “In time, you will understand what life is about.”

Perhaps one day Barry Weir will have even more answers for those who are seeking advice. But it appears he has already figured a lot out and has the ability to be very influential.